I believe that our loved ones are always with us!  During a reading, a medium connects with your loved ones and brings their messages to you.  I love being a part of the three-way conversation between your loved ones, you and I.  Your loved ones help me to see, hear, and understand their messages so that I can deliver them to you accurately.  I am an evidential medium, meaning that I provide you with evidence during your reading.  Your loved ones will give us details that only they would know, so that you know exactly who it is that is communicating with us and so that you know they are absolutely okay on "the other side."  Messages that your loved ones send often involve healing: encouraging you to release any guilt or sadness connected with their passing, urging you to go on really living and enjoying your life.  The evidence that they provide helps us to know that they are alright and that our souls continue after the change called death.  I’d be honored to help connect you with your loved ones!  We can schedule an in-person private session or a group session.  Virtual sessions are also available.


30 minutes: $50.00, in-person or virtual


60 minutes: $100.00, in-person or virtual


Group sessions/home parties: call or email to discuss specific details and pricing



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