Psychic Readings

Our souls can answer any questions we have, but sometimes we need a little help to hear those answers.  Using my intuition and psychic abilities, combined with a variety of tools, I’d be honored to help you discover the answers you’re seeking.  My tools include the traditional tarot deck, angel tarot cards, runes, crystals and pendulums.  We can discuss specific questions you have related to various areas of your life or look at the “bigger picture” of what’s been happening lately and what you may choose to do going forward.  I believe our own free will shapes our future, so messages about what may happen in the future are dependent on your choices and actions.  You have the power to shape the life you desire!



15 minutes: $25.00, in-person or virtual


30 minutes: $45.00, in-person or virtual


45 minutes: $60.00, in-person or virtual


60 minutes: $75.00, in-person or virtual


Home parties: call or email to discuss specifics and pricing



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