Reiki is a form of energy work that allows your body and soul to realign in order to bring about healing.  Reiki originated in Japan and has spread around the world.  Rei can be thought of as the Higher Intelligence that creates and oversees the universe, which is often referred to as “Source.”  Ki (also called Chi) is the non-physical energy present in all living things.  If your life force is out of balance, you will experience physical symptoms that are sometimes minor and other times acute or chronic.  During a Reiki session, the practitioner looks for areas of your body, aura and etheric presence that are blocked or out of balance.  Reiki is mostly hands-off, meaning that we do not massage muscles or manipulate your body in any way during the session.  You remain fully clothed.  A Reiki practitioner may gently place their hands on an area, like your head, shoulder, knee or foot, to help the energy flow better and bring that alignment back into place.  Most people report feeling better, more relaxed and more energetic after a Reiki session.  I am a Reiki Master Teacher.  In-person and virtual Reiki sessions are available.   


30 minutes: $40.00, in-person or virtual


45 minutes: $55.00, in-person or virtual


60 minutes: $65.00, in-person or virtual




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